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Book Our  "Vegas Beyond the Strip" Artists

Bring the Heart of Las Vegas to Your Next Event

Vegas Beyond the Strip is thrilled to offer an array of headlining acts and performers featured on our streaming TV channel for your next live event. From private engagements to large-scale corporate events, our artists are versatile, dynamic, and ready to adapt to a variety of settings and occasions. Below you'll find just a FEW of our available us for a full list!

Carmine Mandia, Genevieve, and Kelly Vohnn with band members , featured on Vegas Beyond the Strip website

2024 TOUR:
A Showcase of Excellence

Looking ahead, we are excited to announce plans for a 2024/25 tour featuring the best acts from our Vegas Beyond the Strip family. This tour will encapsulate the spirit and talent that our channel and its performers are renowned for, presenting a curated selection of acts that embody the diverse and rich entertainment landscape of Las Vegas.

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Let Us Provide the Entertainment for YOUR Next Event! 

To explore the possibility of featuring one of our bands or headline performers at your event, or for more information on our upcoming tour, contact us today.

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