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The "Vegas Beyond the Strip" Series

Elevate Your Channel with the Spirit of Las Vegas

Welcome to the Syndication page of Vegas Beyond the Strip, presented by RainMaker Productions. Showcase the heart of Las Vegas entertainment with our exclusive collection of 50+ half-hour shows, meticulously curated to bring the vibrant music and captivating performances of Las Vegas directly to your viewers. These shows are more than just entertainment; they're your ticket to providing content that resonates with viewers' love for the excitement and glamour of Las Vegas.

Vegas 3 Show starring Carmine Mania on TV screen, featured on Vegas Beyond the Strip

A Diverse Collection for Every Audience

Whether you're at the helm of a local or independent broadcast TV channel, or you're expanding the reach of an internet channel across the globe, our series are designed to "WOW" your audience and add unparalleled value to your content lineup. Our portfolio is rich with the finest selections of top-notch local musical artists and classic Las Vegas lounge shows, offering a taste of the city's renowned entertainment scene. Our Vegas Beyond the Strip series also includes the laughter-filled "Always Funny in Vegas," a comedy showcase capturing the lighter side of Vegas, and "Behind the Vegas Curtain," an insightful series of interviews with the performers who define the city's unique cultural landscape. 


Vegas Beyond the Strip is available for syndication now. 

For details, please call us at 1-702-556-9684. Let us transform your content lineup and connect your audience with unparalleled Las Vegas entertainment.

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