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"Vegas Beyond the Strip" Digital Albums

Explore Our Catalog of Soundtracks

Our digital library, available at, features over a dozen unique records, each showcasing the talent and passion of artists who have headlined the stages of Las Vegas and beyond. From the sultry melodies of Jazz to the popular sounds of Country, Latin, R&B, and more, VBS Records is your gateway to reliving these unforgettable performances. By choosing Vegas Beyond the Strip Records, you're not just listening to music; you're supporting the artists and productions that make Las Vegas's entertainment scene so rich and diverse. Each purchase helps to continue the legacy of showcasing and celebrating the talent found beyond the neon lights of the Strip.

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The Soundtrack of Las Vegas: Experience it for Yourself!

Whether you're a long-time fan of Las Vegas entertainment or new to the scene, Vegas Beyond the Strip Records offers a unique audio journey through the city's most captivating performances. Explore our collection today!

Discover the Sounds of Vegas, Anytime, Anywhere

Vegas Beyond the Strip Records (VBS Records) brings the electrifying atmosphere of Las Vegas live performances straight to you. With an exclusive collection of professionally recorded soundtracks, our label captures the essence of what makes the city's entertainment scene truly unique. These recordings, derived from our diverse video shoots at RainMaker Studios, offer a front-row experience to some of the most vibrant live performances Las Vegas has to offer.

Rene Toledo & the Vegas Miami Connection Record Cover for Vegas Beyond the Strip Records in Las Vegas
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